The Cloud

The cloud is what we provide to your pharmaceutical enterprise with our decade seasoned product called The Hub that was created in the incubation period of the Internet that spawned the likes of facebook and The cloud allows you to maintain your entire organization's operations and sales activity in a single place that you can access virtually from anywhere using any browser over any internet connection.

When our competitors bagan moving toward a cloud based paradigm, we were already there. The advantages were obvious to us ten years ago with full centralization of data, access, maintenance, enhancments, and security.

The Hub

The First cloud based CRM for Pharma

A seamless cloud-based app that empowers your people, streamlines your operations, and improves your bottom line.


iPad mobile sales tool for Pharma

Ultra simple, PDMA compliant, Mobile CRM with GPS, integrated closed loop marketing, and electronic signature

Why Choose POP?

  • Operational Simplicity
  • Technical Leverage
  • One Source CRM and Prescriber Validation
  • Get More for Less using SaaS
  • Leverage with us by deploying in the Cloud