Management Profiles

Ed Becker

Ed Becker is the architect and creator of the Hub and iPoint. He oversees all IT and development projects for POP. In 1987, he founded American Computer Corporation to provide consulting services to major corporations throughout the Southeast, including Mtel, SkyTel, and MobileComm. In 1999 he developed the Hub by teaming with CTEX pharmaceuticals which was later acquired by Andrx Corporation. Mr. Becker is a native of Jackson, Mississippi and a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Vanderbilt University.

Jay Stribling

Mr. Stribling is POP's President. He began his career in the Pharmaceutical Industry in 2002 with Andrx Corporation. While at Andrx, he oversaw a sales force of 500 reps. During his time at Andrx, Jay learned the power, simplicity, and technical leverage of the Hub first hand while managing the company's CRM needs through the Hub using a support staff of one. In 2005 Mr. Stribling teamed with Mr. Becker to form POP and coordinated the initial launch of iPoint Mobile with Lupin Pharmaceuticals. Before Andrx, Mr. Stribling was the technical support manager for SkyTel. He is a resident of Brandon, Mississippi.

Why Choose POP?

  • Operational Simplicity
  • Technical Leverage
  • One Source CRM and Prescriber Validation
  • Get More for Less using SaaS
  • Leverage with us by deploying in the Cloud